Sunday, February 6, 2011

Flood scars on the creek

TT wanted to go for a fish and the sort of loose plan was to get to toots for a marlin, but being sort of loose it went the way of many a loose plan and ended up a trout trip. We decided to go on a creek that's a bit over 2 hours drive from home, and no sooner had we arrived than Milo pulled up with a client onboard. We decided to all head downstream, dropping Milo and client off on the way while TT and me went further downstream into heavier country. Well!!! Last weekend's flood had absolutely devastated the big corner pools but created new holes also. At first we were nervous about finding fish, even some of the normal spots looked a bit barren.

A couple of pools up we found our first fish and TT snagged it on a dry. From there we began to find trout here and there, including in some new water created by the flooding.

Some pools held good numbers and we managed a few fish in each

We caught up with Milo later in the day, just as he nailed a good brown with a trick cast from a difficult spot...

And got a bit of video of fish taking dries...

Yup, TT loses another.... tee hee.

The humidity was heavy. It was sweatier than a camel's armpit out there, so Subway Smoothies gave us both the hell icecream headaches... man it was hot. Good to see the little water and its fish survived the flood.

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