Monday, October 24, 2011

My proudest moment

I'm not fibbing, today the Justin Bieber Fan Club made her dad the proudest man alive. Her 5th birthday was yesterday, and she scooped a rod & reel and a life jacket from her mum & dad. And then pestered me to take her fishing. After breakfast we made sandwiches and a drink, packed some birthday cake, got the boat ready and then off we went. We put the boat in at Castor Bay and I left JB Fan Club sitting aboard while I went & parked the car. She looked quite content and when I got back 5 minutes later was waiting patiently. We headed across to Rangi to put the fish finder to use...

....not much doing, so after a few changes of position we drifted out over the worm beds. Along with 50 other boats.

Finally in 30 odd metres we began to find sign so baits were deployed along with the drogue.

What happened next tickled me pink. JB FC's rod began to buck and she squealed that she could feel a bite. She fought that fish like the AB's fought the French, finally up popped a beautiful snapper.

I don't know who was more excited. The cell phone was pulled out to inform mummy. The whooping could be heard right across to East Coast Bays. I have never felt so proud. Sorry Richie & the boys, but this was better than any rugby match.

She topped off her effort with another snap & a kahawai.

What a day. What a weekend.

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  1. Wow thats so cool Nick! Love the look on her face! Well done JBFC!