Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fishing with the long missing mate

In the past 5 seasons, Milo and I have fished together maybe 5 days in total. Not great when you consider that this is one of my closest mates. Life gets like that, things happen like families coming along, work gets busy, priorities change and things have to drop. Understandable, but the danger is to let things stay fallen. We had to change it. So, we spoke a month or so ago and decided to set and stick to a couple of day's fishing the Whirinaki. As I sit here typing now, the sun is streaming in, cicadae are singing heartily and my Sunday chores are mostly done. A weather bomb has passed through, devastating the Taranaki, so having a calm blue sunny day is an absolute joy and relief. My role at work is about to be restructured (recurring theme) again but I genuinely don't care. All I can think about is catching up, kicking back, casting cicada patterns and just enjoying the opportunity.

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