Wednesday, September 11, 2013

F&G gets its comms plan right.

I am very heartened by the message received below! At last I am being personally addressed by the CEO of Auckland Waikato Fish and Game. This is a big step (even though it shouldn't seem to be one in this day and age) and I can only applaud Ben for his message. (Note, I have masked some of his email address to stop nasty web crawling a$$ holes from spamming him).

11th September 2013
Seeking your Feedback

Dear Nick

Now that the game bird hunting season is over, I'd be grateful if you could take some time to consider the future direction of your sport. In November, Fish & Game Councillors will be setting regulations for the 2014 game season. As we signalled earlier, Councillors will be considering remits calling for an outright ban of mechanical decoys. If you haven't already done so, I encourage you to share your views on these decoys with us, or indeed on any other game regulations.

We recently produced a draft Waterfowl Strategy for the Auckland/Waikato Region, which considers the main issues that impact on waterfowl numbers. For each issue, we give a brief introduction on how waterfowl are affected, Fish & Game's current management actions, and the proposed options for future management.

The aim of developing a waterfowl strategy is to provide clear policies that will guide Council in achieving its goal of increasing the Region's waterfowl population. I urge you to take the time to read the Strategy, and we'd greatly appreciate your feedback on it. The draft Strategy is available on our website here. Otherwise, send me an email with Waterfowl Strategy in the subject line, and we'll reply with the Strategy attached.

Any comments on the game regulations or feedback on the draft Strategy can be sent to me at: or write to Auckland/Waikato Fish & Game, 156 Brymer Road, RD 9, Hamilton, 3289. As you may be aware, we recently launched an extensive waterfowl research programme to determine the factors limiting duck numbers. In the Auckland/Waikato Region we are co-ordinating a university study on wetland productivity, and we've also started a large study on mallard duck productivity. The mallard research page on the Fish & Game website can be found here. Fish & Game is a small organisation with limited funding which comes from licence sales. We can only succeed with the help and encouragement of hunters and anglers.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter, and I look forward to receiving your comments.

Best Regards,
Ben Wilson
Chief Executive Auckland/Waikato Fish & Game

Auckland Waikato Fish & Game NZ, 156 Brymer Road, RD9, Hamilton, Tel: (07) 849-1666 Credit must be given, where its due.

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