Saturday, January 25, 2014


Had a few hours at the vice today, replenishing flies lost and preparing for an upcoming mako shark adventure. That should be fun, but with their dental attributes the fly needs a few additional bits and pieces.

But to start with I worked up a few piper flies, as I've been using them extensively and almost exclusively of late. They are an easy tie, so not hard turning them out. I made a few sizes, just in case. The red head is to give the fish a target... not sure if that works really, but the fly sure does so no point changing a killer pattern.

Next up, some mako flies. I used 10/0 Gamakatsu SL12 hooks, and tied a couple of bright attractor types along with a couple of "tuna head" flies.

Then rigged them with heat weld wire, which I attached to 100lb clear shock tippet, finally joining to a 30lb fluro leader.

The theory with these guys is that we'll be chunking cubes of skippie to attract the sharks; so drifted down as a chunk hopefully the shark will make a mistake.

Also whipped up some general attractors, just to hiff at the pointy end of the shark and hopefully get him worked up enough to bite.

Anyway, tomorrow a harbour adventure, maybe we can get a bigger fish worked up.

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  1. Sir, what is the hook used on the fly at the top of this post ?