Sunday, April 27, 2014

Doing stuff to stop from going crazy

I can't handle this week. I couldn't as a kid, a teen-ager, or a semi-wastrel long haired uni student. Opening day of the duck season is bigger than Texas. Wayyy bigger than Xmas. Greenheads with feet down dropping on cupped wings into the set.... greys swoop low over the trees... flocks of mallards circle, looking to commit.... swans pass on graceful wings. Will some clown open up at 06:00, 30 minutes before legal time? Will the first ducks in stay?

Enough already. Best thing to do is to stay busy, and try and block these thoughts out. And buy stuff. The newest toy will be a new GK Call Girl.

I say "will be" because whilst its in the country, I've yet to lay my hands on it. Can't wait!

Apart from buying stuff, (naturally this pursuit is limited by budget) I've emptied my freezer completely, and restacked it. My last ducks from previous season have been eaten, but I still have a few pheasants. Found some goose schnitzel (sliced breast) which I prepared for dinner last night (bloody good) by crumbing and frying in a butter and olive oil mix.

Even better though, I found the ribs (inc chops) from the boar I shot earlier in the year. Time for smoky ribs...

First thing when preparing ribs, is that there's a membrane on the inner side. Remove by lifting and running a table knife along the membrane. This is important, because you'll want the rub flavours to get into the meat.

Prepare your rub. I used:

Ted's (World Famous - bet you never heard of it!) Bone Dust
Brown Sugar
Garlic Powder
White sugar
Sweet paprika
Black pepper
White pepper
Cayenne pepper
Onion powder

Mix it all together, then pat onto the ribs, both sides. Make sure its all covered. Then into fridge for 24 hours.

Make a glaze.

I used:

Bradley's Maple cure
Piripiri sauce
Rufus Teague's arse flaming burning hot ring-sting barbecue sauce
Garlic salt
Lime juice

Mix it up, and coat onto chilled ribs with a brush.

I cranked up the Bradley smoker, then cranked it back down to 90 degrees C. On with smoke and in with ribs. Leave alone for at least 3 hours, swapping racks in smoker now and again.

Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh.

I let them cool and then vac packed. All ready to go hunting..... better have a few cold beers on hand!


  1. Oh yeah the ribs and beer were good, VERY good!

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