Monday, August 25, 2014

Enjoying the quiet

Last Saturday (just over a week ago) was a classic end-of-winter-it's-nearly-spring day - sunny with a chilling wind; crisp, clear and a stunner. It was Tui Ridge Beater's Day; the day where the guys and gals who have pushed birds around for us get to have their turn on the pegs. In turn, we get to bash the bushes to put birds up and over them. We had the full Guns complement turn out; which in turn is a compliment to the beaters without whom we wouldn't have driven shooting. Rick had sorted a pig on the spit... a humungous hog for which we needed an industrial sized spit. The day was brilliant; even if the shooting was quiet, as I think it was the quiet that I really enjoyed. There's a lot to be said for escaping from the city to clear your head, and this was one of those days that did a lot for my mental health. No photos as I'd not taken my camera; rather I just enjoyed the activity, scenery and company. Cheers folks, Tui Ridge has been great again this year.

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