Tuesday, October 14, 2014

By the way

We rose later on Sunday, with a plan to look at waters locally to our accommodation. We ate breakfast then checked out and headed down the Whanganui River, looking for a likely spot. The further we went, the poorer the water quality as small streams clouded the main water. We turned around and headed off the beaten track to a stream I hadn't fished in ages. Better for fish number prior to the Xmas holiday/tourist rush, its not unusual to see 2 or 3 fish per pool. It took us about an hour to reach the stream and get access permission, then we set up. The river was coloured, but fishable. I'd not seen the water this colour on the few occasions I'd fished it in the past.

We didn't hit fish for the first hour, so I was thinking it was a bit of a bust. Coch and I split up to cover water independently and despite fishing some lovely runs I hit nada.... the eventually I rolled a rainbow in a deep roiling pool.

That set the scene for a change of fortune. The winning fly was a big ugly green headed green flashy backed rubber legged thing that resembled a giant half caddis half stonefly. All the fish I hooked took that and only that fly.

Coch donated me the run of the day and I was able to extract a small brown, 2 medium rainbows and I lost the largest 'bow of the day [of course!] as he shook the barbless fly on a head thrashing run.

Soon our day was over, certainly the footing had been gentler than the day before so it was a nice stroll back to the car. 3 hours later and we were back in town. Awesome weekend. Thanks Coch.

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