Sunday, February 1, 2015

Answering the call - save the lambs, shoot the geese!

Tony called me during the week, geese were raiding a chicory crop and the farmer wanted them gone so he could get his lambs in for fattening. Game on. We'd aim for 2 hunts, an afternoon shoot and then be back the following morning - I could do only the afternoon hunt owing to family commitments. At least we had some weather, finally the drought had broken and burning blue skies were replaced with drizzle and a neat little breeze -straight off the harbour. Good news as we'd be able to shoot away from the roost.

I met Tony & Chewie and we caught up while waiting for Richard to arrive. He soon pulled in and we got saddled up. Arriving at the farm we met the farmer who had just moved a few geese off one of his paddocks. Paradise ducks flew all over the place as we moved through a chicory crop and down to our chosen spot. The place was literally smothered in goose kak; the farmer hadn't been kidding that he had an issue.

We met Richard's dad and another of Richard's mates at the site and then set about getting ready - in the mid afternoon heat we were all soon sweating.


We got all set and then the perpetual goose hunting waiting began. Waiting, waiting.... then 3 geese appeared, flying towards us getting closer and closer... but setting down about 300m away. Damn. Surely not one of those days where they set out of range?

Then a ragged mob of 5 came into view, and with further ado set and came in right in front of Chewie and I... Chewie called it and we laid into them. First blood for 2015.

At that point Matt's ute appeared and he raced down, ditched his gear and turned around to go park. We got his blind sorted and tidied his stuff away - including his drone which he'd brought along.

Then came one of those head-shaking "I can't effing believe I did that" moments... with the drone zooming at us I launched a goose up overhead and they collided smashing the done to earth with a sickening thud. Matt was pretty calm as I stammered about how I'd buy him a new one, how it didn't look as bad as it could have, how.... anyway with a check over and a power up, the drone took back to the air. I was pretty damn relieved!!! But now we all know that when a goose takes down a drone its not necessarily terminal for the machine!!!

The next flight came from the harbour, where a mob of geese were sitting on the mud and that set the scene for the afternoon. The guys shot quite well, by my count only 5 birds escaped.


Over, Rover

It was a good shake down for 2015, may the geese continue to fly well.

Did I say there was kak everywhere?

Tony and Chewy with combined day 1 & 2 bag. Photo courtesy Matt McCondach

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