Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kiwis giving it a shot

Online magazines are quite the fad right now, especially those focussed on fly fishing.
Like Catch & This is Fly to name a couple. Rene Vaz put out a good old kiwi one which to the best of my knowledge is the first from UnZud. Then today a whole new vista of photographic magic was revealed, encompassing not just fly fishing, but also hunting and shooting. Ok ok its very commercially focussed, but then its probably a wee bit much to expect anyone to do it just for love I reckon. Hunter's Element / Riverworks is a kiwi brand, however I seriously doubt that they'd sell enough kit in this crowded marketplace to retire rich men.... so relying on the publication going viral is pretty good advertising. Sh*t, Dave Hern is looking old...... now Jack Kos, here's a guy living up his student freedom. My only complaint is that his stuff has been all over the fishing forums well prior to publishing this, so not too much new content there. Pretty solid effort all in all, I hope that they keep it up. Now I'm going to pick up my Fly Life and thumb through it, still prefer paper magazines, old bean!

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