Sunday, April 3, 2011

The BIGGEST week

Preparations for the biggest week are underway, starting with filling up my saltie flyboxes. The biggest week? Yep, its going to go something like this.

Friday May 6, arrive at swamp, set dekes, prepare for biggest day of the year. (In the world of the waterfowler, this day sh*ts all over Xmas)
Saturday May 7, the biggest day of the year
Sunday May 8, leave swamp, arrive home, pack car with gun, goose dekes, rods, reels, stuff... so much stuff
Monday May 8, pick up Ian's boat and maybe Ian, head North. Arrive at Parengarenga.
Tuesday May 9 to Thurs May 12, fish Parengarenga, hunt geese
Friday May 13, arrive home
Saturday May 14, Sunday May 15... well if I'm lucky I'll be duck hunting.

I'll certainly be tired....

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