Wednesday, April 6, 2011

15 years between drinks - reminiscing

Shame I didn't get a photo really. 2 weeks ago on a wet windy Mt Maunganui Friday night, we realised that it had been something like 15 years since we'd all been in the same place. We were there to celebrate Brian's Stag Do and when I arrived to big old fashioned man hugs and back slaps, it dawned on us that it had been a long long time between drinks. "We" being Andre, Milo, Brian and me. After uni our lives sort of diverged, Brian heading to the UK where Mother of JB Fan Club and me caught up with him in 2001; Andre comes and goes as he's pursued a career as a top notch crew man on international yachts, Milo setting us his guiding business in Tauranga and me pursuing some sort of corporate career thingy in Ak. At one time or another, most of us had been in one place or another; combinations of me & Miles, Brian and Miles, Miles and Andre, me & Andre, me & Brian... most of these gatherings centering around a pursuit of some sort like fishing or shooting. It was really good to catch up. Long may the catch ups continue.

Wedding is this weekend. Looks like another catch-up, can't wait!

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