Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday morning fish

Met Tim at Okahu Bay just after 8. Weather was primo, about as flat as it could possibly get. We set off for Waiheke to look at some foul... semed that others had the same plan so we left them in peace and wandered over to David Rocks to chuck some bait and plastic. Nothing home so over to Takapu Rock... nope, nothing at all there. At 12 we picked up and headed off, really nothing showing on the sounder. Seemed that Ahaahas was place to be, there would have been 15 boats anchored all over them.... one thing about that place is that if you have it to yourself it can be magic, but as soon as the next boat turns up, she's normally all over as the fish escape back out into the depths. Beaut day but everyone reported the same thing - hard fishing or no fish at all.

55.1 Km round trip... almost used a tank. Had the tote aboard so thats another 40 odd km. Now, where can I go with 90kms worth of gas in a smallish boat......................?

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