Saturday, September 17, 2011

Again we're in the season between seasons

September, the lay month, is on us again. In fact we're well progressed, and there are plenty of diversions this year like the RWC, the family holiday we've returned from and a chokka work schedule. I spent a couple of days in Timaru this week just gone. An interesting place, too big to ignore, not big enough to be cosmopolitan. It was closed on Wednesday night. On the north side of town is an interesting lagoon (closed for hunting of course) that plays a role as a breeding ground for whitebait. It also hosts a good head of geese and ducks. (Anyway I'd like a lagoon like that).

Today Tim and me are going to work some more on The Booger. We'll drill the holes for the blind and by the time we're done the frame should be up for the boat blind. Photos later.

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