Sunday, July 6, 2014

SxS day at Tui Ridge

The challenge had been thrown down between shoots; Saturday's shoot at Tui Ridge was to be a side by side day. I've never owned a SxS so put out the call for assistance and Rick let me know that I could borrow one of his guns. He'd also supply some 2 1/2" ammo for the fine old gun, so I was sorted.

Matt and I arrived in good time and after the usual coffees, teas, scones and saying hello we gathered for the peg draw and respective guns and beaters safety and state of play briefings. Then a team photo was taken and we got ready to saddle up.

Rick, Chris, Andrew, Tony, Snuffit, Matt, Ed and Dickie (aka Worzel Gummidge)

Today I'd be privileged to use a Westley Richards; she was tight as a drum and absolutely crisp.

The gun was better than me...
As always, the weather would play a role and today we had gale force westerlies pounding us; I was pretty excited because I felt the birds would hold well and when they did fly they'd be speed demons, and so it proved.

The first drive gave us some insane birds the leapt gained air and then curled away on the strong wind - sporting birds at their finest.

Waiting for birds

The gums held a good number of birds. Most survived!

We took 10 or so birds and straight away I knew we'd be on track for a larger bag than most were picking. Helen's dog Maya scragged a cat along the way; good riddance to another pest.

And so it went, laughs, hits and misses... I had the dubious pleasure of shooting Peg 8 at a drive called The Pen. 17 shots returned 1 bird for me, and I think that's a fair reflection of the height that the birds get.

The day was most enjoyable, the company fantastic and relaxed and we made a good bag in less drives than planned so finished mid afternoon without driving the beaters into the ground.

Thanks to all for a great day; really enjoyed myself.

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  1. Love it! That's quite a loaner gun! Rick is all right in my book if he's lending a gun like that out.