Thursday, May 12, 2011

Opening Weekend

Roll call:

Dad, me, Tim, Tom, Rick, Andrew, Cock and Paul from the core group (Paul turned up with Cock near midnite), Greg came in from Au, with Bill & Marc as the guests. Dinner and drinks ensued after a big day of setting dekes and getting things just so. Plenty of birds were in the air so we were all feeling confident. Marc and Bill slept in a tent outside, man it was hot with the Northerly and the mozzies were out in force so we were all slightly drained when breakfast rolled around. I was hosting my cousin's husband Marc on the Park pond, dad had Greg & Bill at Puru, Tom & Paul were at Willow, Tim at Bollocks, Andrew at Watsons and Cock & Rick at McLennans. Fair to say that the predicted weather didn't arrive, so it was a blue bird day. Marc and I had a ball, limiting out later than I'd have thought, and enjoying ourselves. He's a moose hunter so knows his way around guns, no safety issues there. Once he got his eye in he was away.

Marc & ducks

 Rick & Jase had some really good shots, Andrew set himself up for a limit, Tim got his bag, Tom & Paul struggled and the Puru lads put up quite a few shots.

I think the group total was something loike 47, so all in all not a huge burden to clean and ready for eating.

Rick called in his mates to see how things went; AJ limited, his dad struggled, Guy had a slow time.. all in all it seemed as though the Waikato ducks had spread out. With duck shooting over, the duck hunting began....

I had Bollocks on Sunday morning and managed 3 birds including a spoonie hen. Rick & Jase smacked one each as well. Jase and I hunted Puru in the evening and I rounded out my limit. Andrew, Tim, Bill & Marc had left in the afternoon after cleaning the bag. All too soon another opening over, and it was great.

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  1. Great stuff Nick - really enjoyed myself with you guys. Sorry we didn't get to spend more time together though.Cheers Greg