Monday, May 2, 2011

A week to go

Well, less than a week to the duck season... things have gone skewiff with the big Nthland but it puts me in a place where I can hunt the first week of the season completely - this hasn't happened in years so I'm pretty keen to get stuck in. dad's been a pretty regular visitor to the ponds, keeping the birds fed, warding off pigs, getting things ship-shape and care-taking. Lots of SE wind and rain over the weekend, almost perfect duck hunting weather.

Catch ezine is out again, fine photography indeed.

Lots of last minute fiddling going on in the snuffit household, getting stuff prepared for the swamp stay. Man I'm looking forward to it.

This year we have quite a party:

Der Schwampenfuhrer (dad), my brother Greg, Uncle Bill (dad's bro), Uncle Tom (mum's bro), cousin Paul (son of my mother's brother and child of my mother's brother's lover), Tim & Andy, Uncle Rick (best as I can tell he's no one's uncle...), Cock, me and then my cousin Sarah's husband, Marc. With a "c" as in there's some frenchy stuff going on. (He must be the son in law of my mother's lover's brother).


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