Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fishing, not catching

If this blog were Facebook, then there would be no images depicting abject failure, no stories of bad wind against tide, berley disappearing, bait being half heartedly chewed... Last night I picked up Cock from his place and we heded down to Torpedo Bay to launch. Really loving that ramp. I'd checked and rechecked the forecast, NW wind 10kts. The tide was half out by the time we anchored at the reef. Things were looking promising, until the berley started flowing the wrong way. The boat itself sat with tail into the tide as the wind held us. But that current in the reef system was weird. We moved several times until we felt happier. I think the sum total of action was a few peewhacker snapper. Even the livebait we deployed was left alone. By the time the sun departed we'd moved locations, tried jigs... just wrong place, wrong time.

But you have to go to know.

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