Sunday, February 5, 2012

.. I dont want to go..!

Justin Beiber Fan Club decided yesterday that we were going fishing. I wasn't that enthused when looking at the weather, besides which I wanted to go trout chasing. But, since she's keen... anyway the weather wasn't any better when I looked at the forecast this morning, and was certainly a bit stronger than "10 kts easterly". At break fast I received my instructions - "to go to the kingfish buoy, because I want to touch one" (a kingi that is), and to catch a big enough snapper to feed the family. Mmm ok. We went to Top Catch for some pillies and arrived at Narrowneck. I wasn't sure whether i wanted to beach launch in that wind with JBFC aboard.... but it looked ok and we were soon on our way. I stopped well short of Rough Rock to rig up, and in the space of doing that no less than 3 boats began to mill around the marker - 3!!!!!So we surged across to the channel markers, wind was stiffening and it was very lumpy so we took spray aboard with every wave. I got a good wind assisted cast away and turned my attention to a knot in the running line. By now we'd drifted well off the marker but as I retrieved I came up solid on a fish that must have taken the fly softly. A spirited fight but soon it was in the net.

Kingfish touched, Part I of mission completed!

Black over purple. Works again.

We didn't hang around too long, and headed into the harbour... where if anything the waves were larger and more frequent. I didn't like the looks of this at all. We drift fished and then anchored for a while before deciding to cut our losses. The ride back was rough and the wind was increasing, i was now worried about the retrieve... and well I should have been.

I anchored her off the beach and went ashore to bring the trailer down. When I got back a couple of waves had broken into the boat and JBFC was looking a little like a drowned rat. Getting the boat on the trailer I was helped by a guy who looked like a French rugby player. More water aboard. I jumped in the truck and pulled out... JBFC was sitting in a puddle in the bottom of the boat... ooops.

Can't win them all, I guess.

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