Sunday, April 22, 2012

Can't sleep

2 weeks out from the duck season and insomnia has set in. Usually any lack of sleep is work-related, but not at this time of year... it's duck related. Almost everything is sorted on the preparation front - only waiting for my shotgun permit from DOC which was requested a week ago but has not shown up. Opening day is bigger than Xmas and Ben Hur combined in my world. So, the ponds are fed, maimai's dressed. Boat motor is serviced. Everything is checked & double checked. This year Rick is hosting Tim & Hunter Grounds so he will not be with us on the big day, however I'm sure that we will catch up with the him & luminaries later in the week.

I've been looking for some really big decoys for hunting on the briny. Local stockists were out of Higdon Battleships, but then I found these really big, ugly, mis-shapen Tanglefree's down at Will's Firearms. They are so wrong that they're actually perfect.

At 55 cm long they ought to get noticed... and despite what the experts write I'm not certain that the elongated anatomy issue will be noticed by a duck. I'll probably darken the head of the hen and do a few other touch-ups.

Anyhow, by the time the season rolls around my eyes will be hanging out of my head.....

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