Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hearing protection

Some time ago, a group of us, all shooters, gathered in a bar. All of us to some extent suffer from hearing loss due to the report of firearms hitting our unprotected ear ways. Due to the level of background noise, we all struggled to hear each other speak - which was both comical and serious at the same time. My hearing is bad enough now that I'm quite conscious of having to ask others to repeat what they just said. Sometimes instead of that I just nod and say "yeah" like I'm agreeing with what they've said, if I don't want to appear rude. My mate Andy put me onto a good source of well priced customised hearing protection - as I sit and write this I have an earful of a 2 pot mix to make a mould of my ear right down to the canal. It feels weird. The moulds ("impressions") will be sent back to the good old US of A for the baffle thingy to be inserted and voila, I ought to in 14 or so days, have customised protectors returned to me.

Its mainly bass type noise that I struggle with at the moment.... I hope to the almighty that while wearing these that I can still hear duck's wings as they whistle, which is quite often the only clue that you get that birds are around before you sight them - particularly in twilight which is one of my favourite hunting times.

Have a nosey here at the plugs. (perfect fit).

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