Monday, April 9, 2012

Ti Tree

A perfect day greeted us for the annual maimai dressing day.Cool and sunny. As we arrived at the gulley a rather large cock pheasant ran ahead of us, and all the dogs got a whiff as we let them out of the car. The Ti Tree had grown quite bushy and abundant over the past year, so we'd knocked down 30+ bundles in what seemed no time at all. A couple of our maimais are large and easily eat 10 bundles each, so we can never get too much. We loaded the bundles onto Rick's boat, Andy's trailer and my boat, and headed off to the swamp. As usual some muppets had parked their cars in the boat turn around area - quite a few people were in the swamp. We arrived in time to have lunch and then set to getting the maimais dressed. The main thing I noticed was the absence of ducks. The thing about this time of year is that duck season preps ramp up; thus so does the disturbance.

Plenty of water around this year too.

Countdown to Opening Day is on.

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