Sunday, April 1, 2012

Making a really big Ghillie Suit

Finished painting the fence this morning, so while I had all the messy stuff out, I decided to get started on TRBGS (THE REALLY BIG GHILLIE SUIT) for the boat. I started by sourcing 20m of jute and cutting it into strips. I actually started doing this on Friday evening, finishing last night (having spent day painting fence. You'll see fence soon...). I used my USMC K-BAR fighting knife to do the cutting, with regular touch ups with the steel required. Rambo would be sooooo jealous of me.

So, here are the materials I used.

Jute Strips.
Dylon dye - Olive, brown, dark green
Rubber gloves

Table salt for fixing colour

Now the kinda messy bit. Dye takes about 40 minutes to take hold. I had to do 8 batches or thereabouts.
Then it needs to be dried. I strung up a line in front of the freshly painted fence, and started my own Chinese laundry...

Enough to hide Bismark surely?

Well no, as it happens. Went away, had picnic, returned to nicely dried strips. Put the starboard net up on The Booger and began to dress it. Now remember, the issue with the supplied nets was length, so I began at the bottom, working my way up.

looking good for sure.... in fact with a bit of local vegetation put in it will be awesome.

but... and there's always a but...

only half the boat's done! I'm going to have to spend at least another day finishing up....

But I'm really really pleased with the result. Fence looks good too huh?

1,000,000,000,000,000 times better than this (below). (BTW I'm prone to slight exaggeration)

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