Tuesday, November 19, 2013

420 chicks

420 demanding chicks. All yelling. All trying to talk at once, climb over each other and get attention. Sounds like Miss Universe doesn't it?

But I'm talking about pheasant chicks. This week, Craig went down to pick up our pheasants from Colin Heard at Horohoro game birds. For being good customers we got a few extra, always handy with day olds because as previously documented they are by far the most seriously suicidal demented little buggers in the world. As of today we've only had 4 deaths which is just a fantastic result.

Transiting pheasants

Craig sounded pretty tired when I spoke with him on Tuesday, travelling with little birds is a bit of a mission, especially as the road to his place in the wops is a journey of 10,000 bends in the road. He did well, no mortalities at all during transit.

From there the birds are delivered into our rearing facility.

Heat lamps in a red painted concrete water tank - no corners - perfect

Now they go into survival mode - food, shelter and water is where its at.

They are kinda cute for the time being. When they turn into angry little tail-pecking monsters, they (like teenagers) are far less endearing.

I'll keep up with progress reports.

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