Sunday, November 17, 2013

The pond project

We've decided to rehab a pond up at Matt's place on the Kaipara coast for a number of reasons. It's one of hundreds of farm ponds dotted around the district and while overgrown definitely attracts waterfowl. Part one of the project required us to fence the pond off and Saturday was the chosen date. With Matt tied up elsewhere, Tony, Chewie and I got stuck in.

Tony surveys the pond

Post laid ready for digging & ramming

It was a stunning day and as I waited for the boys to arrive I had the pleasure of listening to various cock pheasants cackling. Tony arrived, we loaded the posts into my truck and headed down to the pond. As we arrived a cock pheasant ran from the pond edge - Nera caught his wind and tracked and flushed him. nice.

Mud plowing duck dog

We got going and soon Chewie arrived. The earth wasn't too hard despite lack of rain, and we powered through the first half of the job.

By mid afternoon the temp was up to 24 degrees and we had slowed a tad, but had cracked the job of putting the posts in. Next up was to install a couple of feeders, in readiness for the feeding period.

Looking down to the nozzle feeder

Then out with some bait stations and a DOC 200 trap. A good day's work all in all. With a digger due to scrape back and deepen the pond we hope that we'll have more open water and be able to hold birds. With some planting to offer shelter it could be a nice wee spot for a tired hungry duck to rest.


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