Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A 'Care Package' arrives

Quite a while ago I picked up some Avery summer mallard rester and sleeper decoys in the Cabelas close out of Avery GHG stuff - they were dirt cheap. The dekes were despatched to Mintz Decoys for flocking and a re-spray as NZ Grey and greylard (mallard/grey hybrid) ducks. With a huge backlog of work on at the Mintz factory it took quite some time for my job to percolate to the top of the pile; finally this morning they were delivered.

Each deke was individually bagged, and then wrapped in cling film before being boxed.

The results are quite stunning.

The greys look quite good, however the mallards are typically US light even though I'd asked for a darker scheme. I will give them a very light spray to darken up the backs of the drakes somewhat.

The flocking application is out of this world. Tough and durable looking, but still I'm pleased to be able to press the heavy duty plastic bags that Kelvin from ChCh gave me into service to protect them. They once housed corn chips....

J weights and decoy strings to be added.

Roll on duck season.

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