Thursday, November 14, 2013

6 weeks, 10 ducks a day, and we're still allowed mechanical decoys.. and sub gauge lead shot

At the Auckland Waikato Fish and Game Council meeting on Nov 23, it is expected that staff's recommendations for the 2014 game bird regulations will be adopted, as is council policy.

I say 'expected' because a couple of the councillors are closer to the loony green movement than the game bird hunting movement they were elected to represent. They have votes to cast. So we'll see.

Anyway, congratulations to the very few hunters who could be bothered making a submission this year regarding 2014's game bird regulations. My submission was very short; I'd support staff's recommendations (after all they are paid & expert wildlife managers for f%cks sake - its their job to do this stuff) and am relatively ambivalent about the use of motorised decoys. I'll shoot birds with or without them.

On the subject of using toxic shot though sub-gauge guns... well let's just say that the system that allows a double standard will remain. Whether or not lead shot kills our ducks via ingestion is largely unproven. I just hate double standards, and in this country we have a truck load of them.

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