Monday, January 2, 2012

Food fit for kings

Yesterday's steady heavy-ish wind made casting the #8 a bit tricky, even with the shooting head. With a bulkyish fly and an 8' leader, turning the fly over was sometimes a bit of a mission. Even though I'd tied in loops of mono to thye hook shank to avoid tail wraps, it did happen. Now I'm loathe to softex or silicon the body of the mushy flies because I'm sure it will kill some of the action that the kingis love so much.

Was idly thinking about such things this morning when it struck me that all those years ago, Lefty Kreh resolved this type of issue in his Deceivers, with a hair collar. So while adding to the tying time, and relative cost per fly (when the first cast gets hit and the fly broken off... well you tend to start pondering, don't you?) it may well help with the overall efficiency by not having to straighten out the tail every few casts.

Dunno, really. May. May not.

Not really up for tying big batches of flies these days, esp. with epoxy heads. Here are a few with hair collars.

Wind's back. I just don't know when it will stop. Not an easy time to be a desperate angler.

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