Sunday, January 15, 2012


2 acts of muppetry today. Act 1, arriving 30 minutes before low tide at Torpedo Bay, backing her in and dropping her in ankle deep water. Doh. Sat for an hour watching the sun come up and clever people who launched at Bayswater and Westhaven zooming past to get to their spots. Anyhow, I stowed the nav light (sun's up!) and got tackle ready and played Angry Birds until the water was deep enough to push The Booger into engine dropping depth. Then off to Crusoe for a play around. With no wind and a moving tide conditions could not have been easier to swim a fly. I had the 11 weight with me today, doubled with the Tibor Riptide. Fish 1 hit second or third cast and behaved. Despite fighting bravely, the #11 killed his fight pretty early.

Fish #2 hit well off to the side of the marker and dived deep fast. A good fight ensued before he was decked.

Fish # 3 dealt to me. One second it was all good, the next I was hanging on as the Tibor wailed its drag growwwllllllllllllllll. Booofah, all over.

I headed over to the channel to see about a snap. Inkichu down first, followed by softbait, that rod went into the holder. The inkichu got hit and I caught and released a reasonable snap. The next hit was better, lots of string being pulled. After a good fight I caught this guy.

Then my second act of muppetry. The channel is intersected by a long reef structure and goes from approx 50 feet deep to 18 feet. Leave your jig in rod holder on a long line and.... well, that's 2 inkichus lost this week. $60. Sheeet!!!

Anyhow I fished 4 or 5 drifts before TT turned up with his mate Bob, I think his name was. We drifted together for a while and boated another couple.

After a while I headed back to the marker, but couldn't get any follows on the fly. So I waved adios to the others and headed back to Rangi Channel. Lost a fish and fly on number 13 marker. Another boat was jigging the markers so I headed to Rough Rock. No one home.

Back to Torpedo Bay, home by 12.

Weather was perfect, all day. Now its back to work time..... have had a great holiday, plenty of fishing, lots of relaxation. Corporate bollox....

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